How I Eat

How I eat...what a loaded question!  I could write for pages, but I'll try to sum it up. 

I think everyone should educate themselves, listen to their bodies, and follow what works best for them.  What works for me, might not be what's best for you and vice versa.  That being said, I can't stand diets and I do think whatever you choose to follow needs to be your lifestyle and how you eat a majority of the time. 

What do I follow?

*I stick to a 99% vegetarian diet.  (I do eat fish regularly) On a few occasions a year, I will eat a small portion of meat, usually only when it's a deer my brother's have killed.  This works for me because I don't miss meat at all!  Like, never.  Do I think this is for everyone?  Nope.  But, I do think the majority of people could cut back on their meat intake big time.

*I try to minimize refined sugar.  If someone were to come to me and ask me to help them lose weight I would evaluate their sugar intake.  When I eat sugar I try to eat natural sugar; honey, pure maple syrup, and dates.

*Lastly, minimize gluten.  This is a new one for me this year and it's due to health reasons.  Do I recommend this to everyone?  Again, no.  However, like meat, I do think most people could work on cutting back.  I've cut out all gluten and honestly, my body doesn't feel any different.  If I find out I do not have a chance at getting the genetic disorder my grandpa has, I will eat gluten in moderation again. 

I love eating.  I repeat, love it! I may eat healthy, but I never feel like I'm missing out.  I think the food I eat is delicious.  I hope you do too!

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