Saturday, November 24, 2012

Copper Oven Cafe

I know I can be biased to Kansas City eating, but it's what I'm used to and I had many years living there to find all my favorite places.  Breakfast is no exception.  I love First Watch.  Or Le Peep.  Or even Einstein Brothers when a girl needs a good pumpkin bagel.  All three of these are fine choices for a lovely Saturday breakfast.  All three of these are also not options in Wichita.  When we first moved here I bought a Groupon for a place in town called The Good Egg, which is Wichita's version of First Watch.  It wasn't good.  In fact, one of my friends even refers to it as, "The bad Egg."  It should come as no surprise that Josh and I have never returned as the food was mediocre and unmemorable.  And, yes, there are a couple other breakfast options in town, but they are very "diner-esque" (it's my blog and I can make up words if I want) and I'm not really into that type of thing.  Needless to say, although I can't say we have ventured out and tried every breakfast option I can say we haven't found that really awesome omelet and coffee that takes me back to KC mornings...until a couple weeks ago.  Well, Josh and I didn't find it, but my birthday outing with Brittany and Katie proved to be quite a successful celebration!

It started on the Saturday before my birthday with a trip to Williams-Sonoma for a cooking demonstration.  We had so much fun!  The cutest older man taught the class on how to cook your Thanksgiving turkey and a few sides. (I don't know about you, but I think elderly people are the best.)  There was a small rough patch at the very beginning when he literally grabbed pliers and pulled the white tendon out of both turkey legs.  For someone who eats meat sparingly and very much dislikes raw meat, that was a bit disgusting.  However, after that it was smooth sailing! 

We even got a little sample of the turkey, dressing and cranberry sauce. It was all very tasty and a nice preview of our Thanksgiving meals to come!  Don't you worry, before we left we also spent a nice chunk of our time longingly looking at all the spectacular things at that store that we can't afford.  A good time was had by all.
Next stop: breakfast at Copper Oven Cafe.  Katie was excited to show Brittany and me a new breakfast place.  It was fantastic!  It started with a delicious cup of flavored coffee.  Sadly, I was enjoying my good company and savoring my coffee I forgot to take pictures of our food. Whoops.  However, as soon as I have a weekend where I am in town I can't wait to take Josh and I'll make sure to take some pictures.  It didn't take me long to pick out what I wanted. 

.............................................................................................$ 7.59
Our Three Egg Omelet Filled Jack Cheese, Black Beans, Onions and Peppers, Topped with
Cheddar Jack Cheese and Salsa and Served with a Side of our Ranch Potatoes and Flour Tortillas

I found this combination so interesting.  I love black beans, but I never would have thought to put them in an omelet.  While it was a different combination, it worked beautifully.  I can't wait to go back.  Brittany ordered a skillet of some sort, but I can't remember what kind.  Katie ordered a ham quiche that smelled amazing and she echoed that description on taste once she took a bite.  Our server did a phenomenal job, which I always take note of.  I'm quite hard on them actually, but she was fabulous.  Very friendly at all times, she recommended a few things when we asked questions and she even filled my to- go cup with fresh coffee when I asked for a cup to take mine with me.  Bonus!

I know this "review" is pretty lame and lacks detail.  But, like I mentioned, I was in Happy Birthday to me mode, not I can't wait to blog about this mode.  Bottom line, if you live in Wichita and have not been to Copper Oven Cafe you need to make this your new breakfast spot! 

Copper Oven Cafe is closed on Sunday and Monday.  Tuesday through Saturday they are open from 7 a.m.-8 p.m.  Yes, they have lunch and dinner, which I'm sure is great, but I can only recommend breakfast.  I actually didn't even look at the lunch options, but breakfast includes omelettes, pancakes, french toast, skillets, quiche and many more items.  They serve breakfast until 2 p.m. so those of you who don't get up early have no excuse.  It may have taken three years, but I finally have a breakfast place in Wichita.  Thank you to Brittany and Katie for a wonderful morning filled with food and fun!



  1. Oooh! We're going to have to check this out!
    Thanks for the recommendation gal!

  2. I could use some Copper Oven in my life today!


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