Thursday, February 7, 2013

Newport Grill

For those of you who haven't heard yet, we have some changes ahead this summer.  Josh was accepted to a CV Fellowship at Scott & White Hospital in Temple, TX.  We are packing up and headed south!  (Just for a year)  If you are like every single person I have told we are moving, you're wondering where exactly Temple is in that big 'ol state of Texas. 
Allow me to make something perfectly clear for you about that red dot:  it's in the middle of nowhere.  Alright, alright, technically, I have never been, but that's what I've prepared myself for.  Regardless, I am so proud of my hubby and one year will fly by.  I knew these moves were all possibilities when I married him and I'm happy to support him wherever that may take us.  One of the songs played at our wedding said, "Wherever life may lead you, with all my heart I'll go there too."  I picked that song for our wedding solely based upon that line.  {Although I told Josh it had a teeny tiny footnote that said it couldn't be to Salina, KS, which is where Josh is from.  It's much too small of a town for me.}  Well, God and his sense of humor is sending me to the Salina of Texas.  All joking aside, I'm actually looking forward to a year of warm weather and perhaps more time to blog since there will be nothing to go do :) More importantly, though, take a look at those black dots around that red one...that's what I'm really looking forward to. Say hello to weekend trips to Austin and San Antonio.  You just KNOW there's some fabulous food there.  Can I get a YEEHAW?! 
I have a few months left before I say goodbye to my beloved Midwest and I thought I better review a few of my favorite Wichita restaurants before I go. I'm starting with my absolute favorite:
Newport Grill
Newport Grill wasn't here when we moved to Wichita three years ago. However, we've eaten there every chance we can since they opened a couple years ago. By every chance, I mean for every birthday, anniversary, holiday, special occasion, etc. You see, this isn't why it's my favorite, but it also happens to be the most expensive so we save it for special occasions.  The service has always been fantastic, the decor is modern and it's a very pretty space, the patio in the summertime is one of, (if not the best) in town, they have a small, private dining area that makes for a very fun girls night and happy hour is amazeballs. Oh, and did I mention the food is out of this world?! Obviously.
 One of my most memorable evenings here in Wichita was a summer night when Josh and I arrived at Newport and they had a live band on the patio.  We sat out here with a beautiful view and live music and had such a fun date night.
Newport Grill has some staple menu items, but they also change their menu based upon the fish that got delivered.  They receive fresh fish daily 6 days a week! You can really tell in the taste how fresh everything is. I've had salmon, mahi mahi, scallops and I've even tried fish I've never heard of before. Each time, it's just as good as the last. Furthermore, the presentation of each dish is stunning. Yes, I know, normal people call a bride stunning and I call Newport's food presentation stunning.  The sooner you find that acceptable, the more you will enjoy reading my blog. :)
Here are some pics of food from my last several visits and more detailed descriptions.

This is a pic from a happy hour visit I made to Newport with some friends to celebrate my last day of work back in October.  It was the first time I tried their house-made Ricotta with olive oil and olives served with grilled ciabatta.  It was so smooth and full of flavor; I fell in love.  It's priced at $9, but I think it's $5 for happy hour. 
You MUST start with the Arugala Salad.  It's $6 and has fennel, pomegranate, goat cheese (my fav!) apples, and a sherry vinaigrette dressing.
 Josh and I have both ordered the Norwegian Salmon.  This is one of the staple menu items that is always available.  It is served over ravioli, pine nuts, and has a balsamic pepper drizzle.  It's $26 and worth every penny!  
 This is another dish that you can always find on Newport's menu.  Diver scallops with cauliflower puree and broccolini.  I could have licked my plate.  $28

We have tried the well known steak houses in Wichita and Josh is always disappointed.  He's found Newport's filet to be his favorite.  For $33 you get an 8 oz. filet mignon served with mashed potatoes and string beans.
To be honest, I can't remember exactly what this fish is I ordered.  I'm pretty sure it's mahi mahi, but regardless, this is an example of their fresh fish option from the menu.  You choose the fish you want and two sides.  It's not as pretty of presentation, but if you want something light and healthy it's a great option. Their sides vary depending on the season, but some options have been: mashed potatoes, green beans, quinoa*,  spaghetti squash, asparagus, zucchini.  
I don't know if I did it justice, but if you haven't been to Newport you must go for your next special occasion.  Hands down, the best restaurant in Wichita.  Yes, you pay for the fresh ingredients, but I always feel it's fairly priced.  Plus, you leave feeling like you ate a relatively healthy meal and that's always a plus.
*My only complaint I've ever had about Newport Grill is that their quinoa is hugely disappointing. You can do so much with quinoa and I was excited to order it as a side on one of my visits. It was plain. I don't even think they cooked it in broth. Why on earth they don't add some pine nuts and goat cheese is beyond me, but steer clear of the quinoa! You can go home and boil some yourself and it'll taste the same. Bland and boring. 


  1. I tried to comment on here with my phone the other day and it didn't work - boo!

    Anyway, we are so going to have to add this place to our Wichita bucket list :o)

    Also, I have a post request for you. I think you need to write on how to cook quinoa. I've got it on my grocery list but am clueless about it!

  2. You got it, girl! Thaks for the suggestion on what to blog about and I'll get to it asap! :)


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