Monday, June 4, 2012

Don't Say I Didn't Warn You

Since this is my first blog post I should warn everyone: I'm not funny and I don't consider myself a writer!  However, before you think my blog is going to be completely horrible I should tell you one of the reasons I started it-I LOVE FOOD!  And, not just eating it.  Everything about it.  When I cook, I love the planning, the preparation (there's nothing better than turning on some tunes, pouring a glass of wine and cooking dinner) and the wonderful conversation with others while enjoying a home cooked meal around the table.  So, in my blog I'll share some of the recipes I try and new things I learn.  (I should tell you I'm a healthy, if you want recipes with loads of butter and bacon please continue on to Paula Dean's website immediately)

Then, there's dining out.  It's one of my favorite things to do.  (And, by dining out I don't mean Olive Garden or Red Lobster.  Real restaurants people.)  I must say, my husband has it quite good.  Any occasion where gifts are normally given all I want is date night at a nice restaurant.  Pretty easy to please if you ask me!  He may not agree though, considering he is the one across from me at dinner having to listen to my critiques.  Sure, I comment on the "normal" things like the menu and how our server is doing so far.  But, I do believe he looked at me like I had completely lost it one time when I mentioned how nice the silverware was.  God bless him for taking me places and knowing we will spend a majority of our time discussing every aspect of the restaurant.  I just can't help myself!  Naturally, I'll also share my dining out experiences on here.  I live in Wichita, KS so a lot of it will be restaurants I eat at in Wichita.  I go to Kansas City a lot so I will post anywhere I eat there as well.  And, of course, if I travel I'll write about the places I try out of town.

I'm not a trained chef, nor am I nutritionist.  I'm just a girl who loves to learn more about healthy eating and trying new recipes.  My mom tells the story of when I was little (around 10 years old) she looked over at me in the grocery store and I was reading a nutrition label on the back of a box.  She said she never used to do that and did not teach it to me.  My love for the grocery store at a young age has only grown; it's one of my favorite places to go.  (I mean, who doesn't want to spend hours at Trades Joe's???!!!)  My Dad also says when we were on family trips when I was little we would be eating lunch and I was already asking where we were going for dinner.  My poor parents, I must have drove them crazy.  However, these stories show from a young age I have always enjoyed looking forward to meals as well as finding ways to make it healthy.  I hope you enjoy my blog! 


  1. so glad you are doing this! Cheerio!

  2. I'm so excited to read along (finally!! ha!). :))


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