Monday, July 2, 2012

The Coffee Bug

A new coffee shop just opened a few days ago on Rock Road near my house.  If you have read my blog before, you know I like to support locally owned places whenever I can.  This place has some guts; Starbucks is right across the street.  It is called The Coffee Bug and it is a drive through only space.  I went yesterday for the first time and I have to say…I will choose Starbucks next time.  I will admit, my coffee order is quite long and can be confusing, BUT, I always speak slowly and clearly so they can get it all down.    

Here was my order:

Small, decaf, soy, café au lait with one pump sugar free hazelnut

I understand it’s long and I have no problem repeating it for anyone.  I realize I am a pain, but I need decaf because caffeine gives me migraines, I like soy milk because regular milk sometimes bothers my stomach and soy tastes way better, and I only want one pump of sugar free hazelnut because I try to avoid all artificial sweeteners so when I do splurge I just want one pump.  And, if those reasons aren’t enough, I think if I’m paying over $3 for coffee it should be made how I want it. J

This place does not have speakers, you just pull up to the window and order face to face.  You would think that would help, but it went terribly wrong from the get go. I ordered and then this is what she repeated back:

“A café au lait with one pump sugar free hazelnut?”

“Did you get the soy milk?”

“Oh yeah.”

“And also decaf.”

“Oh, yeah.  What size again?” (Was she even listening ever?)


“Okay, that will be $3.22.”

I gave her $5.22

“Here’s your receipt.”

“Do you have my $2 change?”

“Oh yeah, I’m sorry.”

Then she shut the door.  30 seconds later…

“I’m sorry, we don’t have any decaf brewed.  I can do decaf espresso.” (Uh, no, I didn’t order a latte.  Looking back, I should have switched to a latte right then and there.)

“Just give me regular, that’s fine.”

6 minutes later she handed me my coffee and said, “Is this your first time here?”

“Sure is.”

“Let me get you a”  (I’m thinking…free coupon for next time since there was a car in front of me, you took forever to take my order, it’s 10:30 in the morning and you opened at 6 and you still don’t have decaf brewed, and I have now been in your drive through for 11 minutes) “to go menu.”

A to go menu?  Oh, thanks, you shouldn’t have.  I smiled, said thank you and went on my way.  I got on the highway, took one drink, and there is NO WAY there was only one pump of sugar free hazelnut in that cup.  Must have been at least three by how sweet it was.  Horrible.  I drank it, but I really was hoping after that fiasco I would have an amazing café au lait. 

I was very polite through the entire conversation as I could see this poor girl was quite frazzled, but she needs some serious training if she is going to master the drive through coffee line.  She was friendly, but she never apologized for not having decaf or for taking so long to get me my coffee.   I know she realized it was a bad experience because she asked if it was my first time in and then got me a menu.  It took me until last night to look at it and I noticed on the back there is a $.50 off coupon.  So, she did in fact give me a coupon, but she never pointed that out to me.  I could have tossed it in the trash and never noticed it.  She should have said, “I am sorry for the trouble with your order today, here’s a to go menu and on the back there’s a coupon for $.50 off your next visit.  I hope you’ll come back again.”  Then, maybe I would.  Well, if my coffee would not have tasted like melted candy then maybe I would.

The coupon doesn’t expire until September so maybe I’ll give them until then and try it one more time.  I’m hopeful they will get their employee’s trained by then.  Here is where they are going to struggle. If I use my Starbucks card I get free soy milk and free syrup, so it’s actually cheaper for me to go to Starbuck’s.  If you want to take business away from a Starbuck’s that you can see from your drive through you better lower your prices, up the ante on your customer service, or serve the best tasting coffee in town!  I was 0 for 3.
If you live in Wichita and have visited this place, I’d love to hear what you thought!  Kind of a downer of a post for a Monday…I promise, grilled eggplant bruschetta recipe coming as soon as I have time.  Oh, and I made the BEST no bake energy bites last week.  That’s coming too! 


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  1. This is good to know, I was excited to try that place out! Guess I won't be! I hate to always give Starbucks my business but when it comes to buying coffee out, they know how to do it right and their employees are AWESOME!


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