Sunday, December 30, 2012

Fresh Eggs

 Contrary to popular belief, brown eggs are not "healthier" than white eggs. White eggs come from white chickens and brown eggs come from brown chickens. It's as simple as that.

Those of you who know me really well, go ahead and make sure you're sitting down.  What I'm about to say is something I never thought I would wish for.  Are you ready?

I would like to live on some land and own a chicken.

You there still?  Laughing?  Choked on your food yet?

That's right folks, this city girl who probably dislikes animals more than I should ever admit wants a chicken and some land.  Allow me to explain...I want land so I can have a fabulous garden.  Again, if you know me, you also know I kill any plant/growing things at rapid speed so that will be interesting.  Can you hire garden people? 

As for the chicken, well, I don't want it for a pet, duh!  I want it's eggs!  Seriously, my aunt (shout out to Aunt Brenda-THANK YOU!) gave me two cartons of FRESH eggs from a lady she knows and they are fabulous.  The yellowest-it's my blog, I'll make up words if I want-tastiest scrambled eggs ever.  (And, I don't even like scrambled eggs that much)  It's amazing the difference in taste when you attain the freshest ingredients.  Furthermore, it's much healthier when you get it straight from the source.  Would anyone think it's weird if I drove to Kansas City once a month for my eggs?  Ha ha...just kidding.  Sort of. 

The point of this post is to encourage you to buy eggs at the farmer's market, from someone who has a chicken, or worst case, spend the extra few bucks at the store and get the farm fresh, cage free, hormone free eggs.  It's worth it!  Or, better yet, somebody I know should get a chicken so I don't have to. You know you're thinking about it now...


  1. Yes! Fresh eggs ARE better!! Yay for that!! :))

    1. I thought of you when I wrote this. I know we've talked about eggs and standing at the grocery store forever trying to find the "right" ones. You'll have land someday I'm sure...if it doens't work out for me I'm calling you for some eggs!

  2. I so want one too, but I don't :) Just the eggs!

    I hear they are supposed to be stored at room temperature too, is this a legit claim?

    My co-worker used to have chickens, I'll ask him if he still does and then you'd have a local source!


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