Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Panera Breakfast

Maybe I've been blind when I look at the breakfast menu, but until my most recent visit to Panera, I never noticed steel-cut oats as an option.  Before this awesome discovery I really struggled with what to order for breakfast at Panera and finding a healthy option.  Bagels, not good.  Muffins, even worse.  Pastry, no way! 

Risking you thinking I'm a total lunatic, here's the conversation I would have with myself as I stood in line.

Do I really want to eat a bagel that is horrible for me?  Furthermore, will the person I'm having breakfast with think I'm weird when I scoop out the insides to cut down on the calories and carbs?

That souffle was so tasty when I tried it last time, but I thought it was just egg and didn't realize it was a pastry.  Now, I know...shame on me if I order it again.  I DID work out this morning though, so...

I suppose I could get a breakfast sandwich with only egg and cheese, but then I get bread and I'd really rather eat some pita and hummus later...

I should just get a cup of coffee.  The hazelnut is so good.  I'm not that hungry anyway.  Wait, breakfast IS the most important meal of the day.  Something bad is better than nothing at all.

Perhaps I shouldn't share my "craziness" with you, but indeed, Panera has been cause for concern for me in trying to eat healthy at breakfast.  Well, problem solved!  I have enjoyed the steel-cut oats twice and they are fantastic!  The only downside is they charge $3.99 which is a TOTAL rip-off, but it does come with fresh strawberries and pecans so I'll deal with it.  (You can also choose cherries and almonds if you prefer) The only suggestion I have for you is to ask for it with the cinnamon-sugar crunch on the side.  Plain steel-cut oats will start you at 150 calories; add pecans, strawberries and cinnamon/sugar and you're up to 320.  Which, is a great option to start your day.  However, if you've read my other blog posts you know I'm most concerned about my sugar intake.  No cinnamon/sugar crunch and you're at 4 g of sugar.  Add it, and you spike to 16 grams!  I still add some of it, but if you just add half of it you make a huge difference.  By asking for it on the side, you can really control your sugar intake.  Kudos to Panera for adding this the menu.  Or, kudos to me for finally noticing it.  Either way, enjoy! 



  1. I think you need to plan my menu for after this baby is born so that I can get lookin' all sexy! Deal? Deal!

    1. I will for sure bring you a meal once she arrives and I'll make it as healthy as possible! :) Merry Christmas!


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