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The Honest Company

Surprise!  It's Monday and just for fun today isn't a blog about food.  Although I like to eat healthy, we all know there's more that goes into healthy living besides just food. (Although I believe food is a HUGE portion of it)  Several years ago I read an article about how some of the ingredients in our deodorant could contain cancer causing chemicals.  This isn't the article I read, but recently I saw this picture:

A few years ago I heard some talk about fragrance filled lotions and soaps and different items we rub on our skin and how those are absorbed into our bodies.  I've also read several articles (currently, the website is down, but I'll put a link to the article once it's back up) discussing the bad things in hand sanitizer.  That's where I get nervous.  I'm a hand sanitizer freak.  I use it all the time.  All that reading spooked me out a bit and I've gradually made a few minor changes like buying Meyers hand soap and making my own laundry soap and I use these dryer balls instead of dryer sheets.  I even recently found some salon grade shampoo and conditioner (Kevin Murphy) that are sulphate and paraben free.  My mom also introduced me to a lady in Olathe who makes  custom blend powder that is free of all questionable ingredients.  It is exactly the same price as Bare Essentials and I like it even better.  Just last night, my friend Brittany, introduced me to some awesome toxin free nail polish.  I ordered a few bottles and can't wait to test them out.

Those are such small, minor things compared to my awesome friend Katie O.  She's who I go to for all my healthy living everything talks.  I mean, really, lots of people's eyes will just glaze over when you start talking veggie talk and chemicals in the home, but we talk for hours about it!  Several months ago she told me her and her hubby were turning their home chemical free as much as they could.  She's a rock star.  We are talking down to her toothpaste!  She told me about the website she was ordering from and while the products sounded fantastic you had to commit to spending $75 per month.  Although I am a big advocate for spending the extra money to live a healthy lifestyle, and I do on food, at this point in my life I could not add that to the budget.  I knew a move was in the near future and with my job as a substitute teacher summer coming means no income that we have to plan for.  So, I filed the information away with plans to sign up as soon as I could.  

Fast forward to a couple weeks ago and my mom told she saw Jessica Alba on Katie Couric's talk show and I was going to be so excited.  My mom knows me so well....I'm beyond excited!  Jessica Alba recently published a book about living as naturally and toxin free as possible, which is exciting in itself, but that's not even the best part.  She launched a company called The Honest Company and it's full of spectacular products that are safe for you and your children.  And, it's AFFORDABLE!!  Like, really affordable.  And, that's still not the best part.   Are you ready for the best part?  The products work, smell amazing, and I love them!  

I'm sure I'll have lots to blog about once I read the book.  It came in the mail a couple days ago, but for now, I'll focus on the Honest products.

This is a picture of my first order.  I had such a hard time deciding, but since I wasn't sure if I would like it I went with: all purpose cleaner, bathroom cleaner, toilet bowl cleaner, shampoo/body wash, conditioner, body lotion, and 4 small containers of hand sanitizer.  (I was most excited about the hand sanitizer...clearly, that's why I ordered 4!)  My grand total for all these products was $50. The body lotion, shampoo/body wash, and conditioner were all $9.95 apiece.  A two pack of hand sanitizer was $5.95.  All three of the household cleaners were $5.95 each.  I was amazed at the affordable prices and who doesn't love the convenience of delivery to your doorstep?

I was so excited to use everything, but the hand sanitizer was my obvious first choice.  I was pleasantly surprised at how good it smells and the texture is perfect.  I like having a product that kills germs, but isn't harming me at the same time.  I'm in love and will never go back to Purell.

Then, I went all Monica Geller and cleaned the house.  The bathroom cleaner has a lovely mint scent and it worked great on all my sinks, bathtubs, and toilets.  The toilet bowl cleaner smells amazing too (tea tree eucalyptus) and it's the thicker substance which I was happy to see as I prefer that much more than the thin, watery stuff.  (I don't know if it's normal that I have a preference when it comes to toilet bowl cleaner consistency??)  I used the all purpose cleaner (grapefruit) in my kitchen and I thought it worked wonders as well.  I was pumped!

After the household items it was time to try the bath and body purchases.  The shampoo/body wash, like all the other products, smells fantastic, (orange vanilla) but doesn't suds up a lot.  That doesn't really bother me, but if you like a lot of bubbles you won't like it.  I was very hesitant to purchase the conditioner because if you know me, well, I have a bit of hair.  Okay, that's an understatement.  I look like a lion before the flat iron hits it (can I get an amen for flat irons!) and it takes a lot of conditioning.  I've used the conditioner once and it was much better than I anticipated.  I had to use quite a bit of it and it didn't feel as smooth and it didn't detangle as I am used to. (In fairness, I could have bought detangler on the website)  However, I think the conditioner will be added to my rotation for when I am wearing my hair curly or just letting it air dry.  Lastly, the body lotion.  It's great too!  Are you catching the theme here?  It is scent free, which is fine, but I do hope in the future it comes with a lovely scent like the other products.  As with other natural lotions, it's a bit thinner than some, but it doesn't feel like those cheap kinds you can't get to rub in.  I'm already half way through this bottle and will purchase more soon!

I can't wait to try the sunscreen, hand soap, dishwasher pods, the fruit and veggie wash and so much more.  Oh, and all you moms out there.  I haven't even started on the baby products.  There's diapers, wipes, bottles, bug spray, etc.  I hope someone I know with a baby tries it so I can hear all about it.  There's also candles, dish towels, dish soap and so much more.  I hope she has much success and more products like deodorant and toothpaste become available.

As mentioned above, the pricing is very affordable when purchased individually.  However, you can save even more and buy a "bundle" and for $35.95/month you can pick 5 products and mix and match each month.  The best part is, you sign no contract or commitment and you can cancel at any time.  If you don't like it you can even get a full refund.  However, I'm certain you won't be asking for that refund!  I didn't do this option only because we are moving in a few months and I'm trying not to keep a lot of extra inventory in the house.  As soon as we move, I plan to sign up for this and order many more products.  

I'm anxious to read the book and learn more about Jessica Alba and her views on how to have a safe, toxin free home.  I saw Fantastic Four while in college and it was a good movie, but I've never really read much about Jessica Alba.  Not because I wasn't a fan, she's adorable and the fact she stays out of the tabloids is a huge kudos to how she lives her life.  Those who knew me back in college know the real reason I don't know much about her; I was too busy watching Newlyweds and loving every second of it.  (Let's stop memory lane right there.  No need to revisit that fateful Thanksgiving when the divorce was announced.  Such a shame)  Anyway, Jessica-Alba that is-has done something about the way products are made and is producing them in a way that is affordable for not just her celebrity friends, but even for those of us here in Kansas!  Visit her website and let me know what you think!

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  1. So neat!! I'm definitely joining once we get moved!!!


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