Thursday, August 30, 2012

What I Ate Wednesday

Have you heard of WIAW?  I just read about it last week, but apparently I’m out of the loop!  It’s been going on for a long time and is very popular with bloggers and it’s been mentioned on Pinterest.  I heard about it on a blog called Peas and Crayons.  Since I am obsessed with food I find this weekly posting of what people eat very fun!  I like hearing and seeing what people eat and cook.  I thought I’d join in on the action and start blogging about what I eat on Wednesdays.  Beyond just reading what other people eat, if you’ve never kept a food diary I highly suggest it.  I don’t do it on a regular basis, but periodically I will.  It’s a really great way to track all you put it in your body.  Sometimes, through the course of a day you don’t realize how much you actually eat.  I’m not big on calorie counting. (Although I know it works great for many people) Some days I eat like a “normal” person and then other days I could eat all day and still feel hungry.  If you’re lucky, that will happen one of these Wednesdays. J  One of the people I work with has mentioned how she doesn’t understand how I don’t gain weight since I eat all day long sometimes.  News flash, my broccoli, my apple, my hummus, my Greek yogurt, my edamame, and my brown rice are not going to make me fat. 

Without any further blabbing, here’s WIAW #1:

Wednesdays are one of the mornings I wake up early and run and go to yoga.  I don't like eating before I run so as I got ready in the locker room I ate two No Bake Energy Bites

Usually I order decaf coffee because too much caffeine gives me migraines.  However, I have learned as long as I don't drink it two days in a row I'm fine.  I needed some caffeine to get me through hump day yesterday!  This week, I will be up by 4:30 every single day due to either workouts or my work schedule.  A girl needs a caffeine kick sometimes.  I usually go against my "rule" of not eating artificial sweetener and get ONE pump of sugar free syrup in my coffee.  I grab a coffee only once a week or so and I figure it's such a small dose it's okay.  I just can't bring myself to get regular syrup and drink my entire daily sugar limit in one sitting.  However, it looks like Starbuck's messed up and gave me regular.  I see no SF before that Hazelnut on my sticker.  Shame. On. Them.
My mid morning snack was three bean salad.  My grandma brought this to a family meal once and I loved it!  I buy the can of three bean salad at Aldi's and then add some black beans and kidney beans, northern beans, whatever I have in the pantry.  Usually, I add some celery and white onion too, but I didn't have any when I mixed this together on Sunday for the week so I'm eating it plain this week.  It's still delicious.  Drain all your cans except the three bean salad one and you're good to go. 

For lunch, I had leftovers from dinner Tuesday night.  I had a black bean veggie burger on a 100% whole wheat sandwich thin with Sriracha ketchup and shredded sweet potatoes.  (I'll post both recipes soon)

My afternoon snack was a bowl of Grape Nuts with Almond Milk.  I know, kind of a weird snack, but I had originally packed it for breakfast.  Sometimes, after I workout I eat a small post workout snack and then still want some breakfast an hour later.  Yesterday, my energy bites and coffee kept me full until I was ready for a snack so I didn't eat my cereal.  However, after I ate lunch I was hungry again around 3:30 so I ate it then. 

 I forgot to take a picture of our dinner, but we had Brinner last night.  We've been married 6 years and I bet we have done this three times.  I always forget about it, but I should really do it more often.  I love it!  It wasn't very healthy, but I enjoyed every bite!  I guess I was so excited to dig into my pancakes I forgot to take a picture.  If you haven't tried Trader Joe's Pumpkin mix you are missing out.  I don't know if they have them in stock yet as it's a seasonal item, but I was a crazy lady and bought about 5 boxes last year to last me through the winter and summer.  And, if I do say so myself, I have shown excellent self control.  I still have one box left thank you very much!  Anyway, I ate two pumpkin pancakes with 100% maple syrup, one piece of French Toast on 100% whole wheat bread and 1 scrambled egg.  Yes, just horrible for me, but so good! 

If you'd like to comment when I post these what you ate on Wednesday I'd love to hear!

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  1. Not as cool as yours but here it goes....
    trader joes honey O's, banana, grapes,brought stuff from home to make a Greek salad, a no bake cookie, grilled gouda cheese sandwich w spinach and trader joes roasted red pepper n tomato soup, and all natural...aka the good stuff.....vanilla ice cream! I love dessert!


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