Thursday, September 20, 2012


                  My Wednesday was filled with delicious food yesterday:

I started out with two whole wheat banana mini muffins.

For a snack, I had 20 plantain chips.  I got it right this week and bought plantain chips.  So much better than banana chips!

I was home over the weekend and snagged another jar of my mom's beets she canned.  I love these things.  I added some goat cheese.  The picture looks kind of gross, but it was delicious!  (Fun fact, the beet juice turns the goat cheese pink.  I'm totally pouring juice all over it next time and making my goat cheese pink for my salad.)

Lunch was leftover dinner from Tuesday night.  I went a little crazy at Trader Joe's on Monday.  I didn't have a list and I bought everything that sounded good.  I had spaghetti squash, butternut squash, and eggplant.  I had a squash kind of night (and leftover lunch).  I made spaghetti squash with basil pesto and tomatoes and roasted butternut squash with panko.

Afternoon snack was kind of large, but I wasn't kidding when I said I bought a lot at Trader Joe's.  I also had spinach and broccoli slaw to use up so I made a wrap with those two items and added pineapple and I made a sauce with Greek yogurt, poppy seed, chili powder and onion powder.

Around 4:30 I drank a glass of lemongrass tea.

While I made dinner I had some hummus and a pita.  Dinner was a glass of Cabernet and I made sweet potato gnocchi and a tomato vodka sauce to go on top.  One of our favorite meals! 

Probably a few too many carbs for the day (story of my life), but overall it was healthy.

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