Thursday, October 4, 2012


Don't you just love the new October WIAW board?  I started my Wednesday with a healthy Halloween Treat.  Well, I consider it a treat.  Breakfast was leftover Pumpkin Steel Cut oats.  Just as delicious the next day...and day after that...and day after that.  Yes, I've had a bowl of these every day since Sunday for breakfast. 


 I also had a cup of Peppermint Tea from Trader Joe's with my breakfast.

My morning snack was some red grapes.  Probably my favorite fruit...and perhaps explains my love for red wine. :)   

Lunch was a bit random.  I had some leftover risotto, 5 tofu edamame nuggets with sriracha ketchup, and some vegetables.

For a snack I had two no bake pumpkin bites.

Josh was on call last night so I made my go to meal for when he's gone and I don't try a new recipe.  It's just brown rice and Asian vegetables. (I buy a huge bag at Sam's and always have it in the freezer)  I throw them on the stove with some garlic, soy sauce, and of course sriracha sauce.  I usually try to add some tofu, but I didn't have any so vegetables and rice it was.  Oh, and a glass of Cabernet.  Duh.

And...then I thought about leaving this off because you would never know. :)  But, that wouldn't be truthful so I should tell you at 8:00 my stomach was growling.  I woke up yesterday with my stomach growling.  One of those days.  Clearly, since I didn't have any tofu (aka: protein) to fill me up from dinner I should have made some edamame to eat with my dinner.  I was actually hungry, not just randomly snacking so I opted for a late night snack. Okay, I know 8:00 isn't late night for most of you, but for me that's quite close to my bedtime!  I chose a bowl of Life cereal with vanilla almond milk.  Hit the spot.  Then I woke up today stomach growling again.  I mean, really?!  Josh likes to say maybe it's a growth spurt and my "girls" are finally coming in. Sorry, honey, I'm 28...I think I'm just hungry.


Here's to an October filled with spooky snacks and healthy Halloween treats! 

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