Thursday, October 11, 2012


Hi strangers!  Even though it looks like it, I haven't forgotten about my blog.  I'm a bit late posting this's been one of those weeks where I have had stuff to do each night.  I mean, let's get real: blog or watch Giuliana and Bill?  Sorry folks, G & B will win every time.  Every.Single.Time. 

I forgot to take a picture of my breakfast, but I started the day with two egg whites on a 100% whole wheat flat bread, topped with some goat cheese and sriracha sauce. 

My snack was some red grapes.  For lunch, I had leftovers from dinner the night before.  I wish I would have taken a picture Tuesday night when it was all pretty in the pan.  I didn't, so you're stuck with an ugly leftover, reheated picture.

These are stuffed shells with pumpkin and it's my all time, favorite pumpkin dish to make.  My friend KoKo tried this recipe in college and I've been making it ever since.  It's not the healthiest, but I'll still share the recipe soon because it's super easy and soooooo tasty!
My afternoon snack was an apple and while I cooked dinner I had a 100% whole wheat pita and some homemade hummus.
For dinner, I made Gouda pasta and a sweet potato.  I love this dinner!  It came from my friend Katie O, and it's a very low calorie dish.  Well, it is when you take a normal serving.  I usually eat too much. 
After dinner I went to Yia Yias for $5 martini night with some of my yoga/running friends.  I never order martini's when I go out (you know by now I'm a red wine kind of girl).  However, they had a sangria-tini and it was the bomb!  I love me a red sangria...probably because it has a lot of red wine in it. (Captain obvious in the building today!)   However, to make it into a martini is pure genius!   
That was my Wednesday.  Too much pasta-what's new?  Every Wednesday I say too much pasta, too many carbs...yeah, yeah, yeah.  I see the pattern too.  Maybe next Wednesday will be better.
Switching gears a bit...while this has nothing to do with WIAW, it has to do with beautiful looking food so I'm going to share it with you.  My brother sent me a picture a couple months ago of a cake he wanted.  I originally planned on making it, but then remembered I don't bake much, I can't write nicely and I can't draw.  Thankfully, I snapped into reality in time to hire someone in Wichita to make it rather than put myself through that.  I found someone I used to work with who would make the cake he requested at an affordable price.  It turned out better than I could have imagined!

It says "May this be the year you finally take over the World."  If you know Tyler at all-this cake is perfect. :)  The bottom DID say "Happy" in front of the "Birthday Tyler."  I made it all the way to Manhattan from Wichita by carrying it in my lap and when we got to town I placed it in my seat to run in and get a coffee for everyone.  I got back and the whole thing had slid on top of the Happy.  I was so upset...may have overreacted a tad...I mean, there are worse things that could have happened.  With the help of my parents we managed to slide the Earth back to the middle and completely wipe off the disfigured "Happy."  Tyler was thrilled with he cake and it made it completely worth the effort!

Lastly, Tyler's friend Luisa gave me a nice shout out on facebook about my blog :) so I want to share the cake she MADE for Tyler on his birthday.  I mean, the Earth one above is cool, but it's not like I made it.  I was super impressed and I know it made Tyler's birthday extra special.
 Happy 26th birthday, Tyler!

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