Saturday, October 20, 2012


Josh was on call Thursday and he takes his computer with him so I wasn't able to get this posted on Thursday.  Therefore...
I didn't write down everything I ate.  (Rookie mistake)  I did take pictures of the main meals, but you know me and my snacking.  I'll do my best!
Breakfast was a 100% whole wheat bagel thin with two egg whites, some goat cheese and Sriracha sauce.  For a snack I had an apple and some red grapes. (I think)
Lunch was a leftover sweet potato and black bean burrito from the night before, SMOTHERED in pumpkin salsa.  Get ready for the best new food product I found last week!

There I was, sticking to my list while at Aldi when I noticed a new pumpkin section that was most definitely not there last week.  Like normal pumpkin flavored displays, it was filled with horrible for you items: pumpkin bark, a pumpkin coffee drink (that had enough sugar to last me days) and some pumpkin cider.  But, there at the top I saw something I've never heard of.  Pumpkin salsa!  I love pumpkin.  I love salsa.  Why not combine them?

 Great news is it was all natural ingredients and I knew what all of them were.  Here's where I made a mistake.  I only bought one jar.  I'm ashamed to tell you this jar is already long gone.  I will be visiting Aldi tomorrow morning and purchasing 5 more jars to get me through the next month.  It's delicious with sweet potato tortilla chips, but it was PERFECT atop my sweet potato burrito.  If you shop at Aldi and you like pumpkin, buy this!  It's not very spicy, but I'm sure that's so the pumpkin can shine.  And, it does!  At first bite you taste the pumpkin and then you get the salsa.  It's a fabulous combo! 
Afternoon snack was two no bake energy bites.  (I think)  And, while I cooked dinner I ate some chips and (you guessed it!) pumpkin salsa. 

I made one of Josh's favorite meals Wednesday night.  The one he refers to as "Good Chicken".  For me, it means brown rice and I just scoop up all the sauce that's around the chicken, but I love it too!  It's not extremely healthy, but I use my cream of chicken substitute which helps.  I also ate a spinach salad and squash and mighty mini peppers.  I LOVE those mighty, mighty, minis.  (Also purchased at Aldi)
I've had a day of trying new recipes so hopefully I'll have some to share after I taste them!

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